PROFILE: Christopher Ifeanyi Nwaogboh

Is a Media/Brand/Event Strategist and a Volunteer for change projects in Africa. With a Diploma in Public Administration and a University Degree in Fine and Applied Arts (Graphics Major), He doubled as the Head of Strategy & Creative Director of BEK Africa. He occupied the position of Business Development Manager at Microres Nigeria Limited and handled Content Development with Marketing in a pioneer media organization in Nigeria.

He has over 12 years work experience both as an intern, a volunteer, an employee and co-founder revolves Media, Brands and Events services company with cutting edge and turnkey solutions for individuals and corporate brands interested in growing their business bottom line especially via the youth and SMEs segment in Nigeria (Africa’s Largest Market). In those years, he has occupied positions as Business Development Manager, a Marketing Manager, a TV Content Producer and Presenter.

At Cherish Life International, he is the Coordinator for Africa, with her job description covering:

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Government Relations
  • Directors Team Lead (Africa)

He is best described as a Content Producer + Media Consultant + Business Strategist.Contact Details: Email:, Instagram: @chrisnwaogboh, Mobile: 08035812081.

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